Silky Gold Hair Oil Therapy

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Benefits –
This Ayurvedic hair oil formula encourages fresh growth and diminishes hair loss.
This hair oil has been prepared from the mixture of Bhringraj, Amla and many nutritious oils.

How to Use-
Massage gently with circulation by putting a few drops of Ayurvedic Hair Oil in the scalp. Apply at least half
an hour before hair wash or can be applied overnight for better results.


Effective Ingredients- Ayurvedic Hair oil


Bhringraj– This is one such Ayurvedic Hair Oil herb which has been playing a major role in hair nutrition since
ancient times. It makes hair healthy and thick by preventing hair loss, gray hair, dry scalp and

Amla is one such fruit which is full of Vitamin C. Vitamin E is also found in abundance in Amla
oil, which acts as a hair conditioner, making the hair soft and shiny. It maintains the strength of
the hair.

Brahmi,Mehndi & Reetha –
Brahmi helps by boosting hair growth, treating baldness. Mehndi/Heena contains Vitamin
E, which helps to soften hair, it maintains hair color and gives a shiny look.

The nature of Reetha
keeps the scalp dandruff free and promotes hair growth.

Neem,Til & Karanj (Pongamia pinnata)-
Neem ,Til and Karanj promote hair growth ,Karanj helps to reduce excessive dryness on the
Jasud Flower (Hibiscus) –

Jasud flower is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins that strengthen hair follicles, stimulate
hair growth and prevent hair fall.

Snehpak Dravya –
Sneha Pak, is the process of preparing Ayurvedic Hair Oil using plants, herbs and minerals.
Medicated Ayurvedic oils have three components: Kalka, Sneha and Dravya. Kalka is an herbal
paste and Dravya is mammal milk, buttermilk or Kanji.


Suitable For –
All Hair types .

Only Silky Gold –
Silky Gold Ayurvedic Hair Oil aims to solve the beauty problems of people in a natural way by promoting ancient
Indian Ayurveda. Silky Gold strives not for promotion but to deliver the right treatment at every


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